The Play

The year is 1895. Behind their colorful facades, Hindu temples are trafficking and abusing children. For a century the British colonial government, and the established Christian mission have stood by, helpless to prevent this heartless cruelty. Then Amy Carmichael, a single Irish woman arrives in India. Risking her very life, she sets out to rescue these young girls from the clutches of evil. Can one woman succeed where all others have failed?

Featuring a complete original score from the award-winning composer of The Hiding Place, this one-hour musical will challenge and inspire you.

Thursday June 17, 7 pm

Saturday June 19, 3 pm

The Tour

We are currently booking performances between October 6 and October 20, 2024. 

Contact Stephen Burke at: (850) 207-6877


to bring this production to your church, school or ministry.