The Play

Torn apart by a world at war, David and Kate fight for a love that will last for eternity. This delightful big-band style musical will warm your heart this Christmas season. Featuring twelve songs from the composer of "The Hiding Place", "To This End of Heaven" will have you tapping your toes, and move you to laughter and tears while drawing your heart closer to the true Meaning of Christmas.

Tour Dates

-December 2nd, 7 PM- Pensacola, FL The Rex Theatre 

-December 3rd,  3 PM-Pensacola, FL The Rex Theatre

-December 11th,  3 PM- Picayune, Mi, Heritage Baptist Church

We are currently booking appointments for December, 2022. Contact us for dates and information:

Rex Theatre Performances

The downtown Christmas lights will be giving our beautiful city that holiday glow! Enjoy dinner at a local restaunt, then stroll over to the beautifully renovated Rex Theatre. This 1910 building was converted to a movie theatre in 1936. After sitting empty for many years, it was purchased and renovated by Generation Church, who maintained the classic Art Deco style.
The seating is roomy and comfortable, and concessions are allowed inside the auditorium.


Save yourself the walk! Park in free reserved parking at the First Baptist Church Parking lot (500 N Palafox St.) up to one hour before the performance and ride the complementary shuttle directly to the lobby door of the Rex Theatre!