If you love the arts and love Jesus, volunteering for SLP's production of "The Hiding Place" is the perfect opportunity for you. Become a part of our SLP team and make lifelong friends, enjoy fellowship with other Christian artists, and use your gifts and abilities to build God's Kingdom!

Many volunteer positions are available, with varying levels of time commitment. If you are interested in working behind the scenes (or in the lobby) for this production apply for the positions that most interest you by submitting the form below.


Production Team

Producer/Director- Stephen Joseph Burke

Assistant Director/Acting Coach- Alisha Burke

Production Coordinator
Supervises set, costume, props, makeup, sound, lighting and special effects. Helps create deadlines, and keeps the production organized and on schedule.

Stage Personnel

Stage Manager
Prepares the rehearsal space each night, assists with calling and contacting actors, records blocking and blocking changes, keeps dress rehearsals and performances running on schedule.

Set Designer
In charge of any flats, furniture or large properties needed to enhance the production.

Properties Manager
Watches rehearsals making notes on props, creates a prop list, then locates (or creates) and manages hand props and set decorations. Supervises the packing of props following the show.

Properties Crew
Assists the properties Manager to organize and maintain the props.

Stage Crew
Assists the Set Designer to set the stage, and run any set changes.

Liaisons between everyone involved in the production-- runners must be available for dress rehearsals and performances. They will often need to sit patiently and quietly waiting until they are needed, but when we cannot find a prop, costume piece or actor they will be called into action. Relaying messages from one area of the theatre to another. Runners keep things going when something goes wrong.


Costume Master/Mistress
Watches rehearsal making notes of needed costumes, locates (or creates) costumes, keeps costumes organized, repaired, ironed ready for each performance. Supervises the packing of costumes following the show.

Makeup Supervisor
Designs the makeup and hairstyle for each actor, supervises the application of makeup and the organization of the makeup crew.

Wardrobe Crew
Assists the Costume Master/Mistress to organize and maintain costumes. Helps keep the costume areas neat and clean.

Makeup Crew
Assists the Makeup Designer to organize makeup, and to apply makeup or help with hairstyles as needed. Helps keep the makeup areas neat and clean.

Tech Crew

Sound Designer
Works with the Rex Tech Director to distribute microphones, finds any needed sound effects, runs the screens and sound cues during the performances and dress rehearsals.

Lighting Designer
Watches rehearsals with lighting needs in mind, creates lighting cue sheets, and works with the Rex Theatre Tech Director to create and run the cues.

Follow Spot Operator
Attends dress rehearsals, learns cues for follow spots, and operates follow spot for performances.

Marketing/Lobby Crew

Director of Audience Development and Services
(Ticket Distribution) Oversees all volunteers for the lobby experience, ticket sales, program design, advertising, promotional campaigns, and front of house management.

Front of House Manager
Organizes ushers, ticket takers and merchandise sales. Keeps things running smoothly and provides the audience with a pleasant lobby/seating experience.

Marketing Manager
Assists with promoting the production, creating press releases, hanging posters etc...

Marketing Personnel
Assist with creating marketing materials such as videos, news articles or social media posts. Also willing to make phone calls to churches and ministries, address post cards and hang posters at businesses around town.

Director of Ministry Contributions--Clarence Pape
Contacts ministries that may be blessed by the production and coordinates ticket distribution to charity organizations.

Front of House Personnel
(Ushers, ticket takers, Merch and concessions sales)
Our first representation of Jesus to our audience as the enter the theatre and find their seats. Front of house personnel must be friendly, kind and helpful while keeping order and helping the lobby experience to run smoothly.